Frequently Asked Questions

You asked; we answered!

Ah! I love this question!

Yes, you can! Many mobile service technicians and inspectors choose something simple like a Facebook Page, Google Business listing, or an integrated business profile with a subscription software like HouseCall Pro.

There’s nothing “wrong” with these options. You just have to understand what you’re getting/not getting. You’re “renting” digital space on someone else’s platform rather than owning your own “real estate,” so to speak. 

Honestly, if you run a part-time or hobby business, then perhaps you should investigate a free page listing option.

But if you’re focused on growing your business into a full-time enterprise, then a website is a no-brainer. It pays for itself in just 3-4 service calls! A custom website allows you to:

  • Capture customers searching online for local RV service repair
  • Focus your SEO on customers you care about
  • Describe your rates and services structure
  • Easily update your contact info
  • Answer FAQs
  • Market your brand
  • Round up all your reviews and testimonials
  • Integrate the email provider of your choice
  • Integrate forms and questionnaires
  • Integrate payment gateways
  • Eliminate any members-only barriers (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Boost your professionalism
  • Tell your “About Us” story
  • Apply for B2B vendor relationships

The 1-Hr Strategy Session has two purposes:

  1. To define your needs for a website;
  2. To answer common questions about starting up a mobile service business.

We will choose your website style, brand colors, and marketing tone. We will choose which Pages you require, plus if you want any add-ons like a Service Request Questionnaire (SRQ) or an SEO blog.

We will also answer common questions about starting up a business, such as:

  • How do I receive payments and issue invoices? 
  • How do I track purchases and inventory?
  • How do I define my service area?
  • How do I schedule job appointments?

We’ll go over common software options like Square, Clover, Zettle, HouseCal Pro, Jobber, etc.

Website design can cost as little as $50 or as much as $50,000 (and upward). It’s all about your needs. Full-scale agencies will typically charge $2,000 – $5,000 for a small business website.

We charge an affordable price because we specialize in small, mobile-friendly websites for service professionals. You don’t pay extra for e-commerce functionality. You don’t pay extra for custom-coded widgets that look great but don’t create sales. And we don’t charge you a “hassle factor” because we’re a B2B corporate design agency; we work directly with small business owners.

Our websites are based on customized mobile templates. By using templates as a foundation, we save you thousands of dollars compared to creating repetitive layouts from scratch. But by personalizing every single one, we distinguish your website from everyone else’s and showcase your unique branding.

We don’t compromise on quality. We are a US-based agency that builds on the WordPress CMS with the industry’s leading page-building software, premium security plugins, cloud/VPS hosting, etc. We can afford to offer you these services because we distribute these costs across our client base.

Ah, it’s all in perspective, isn’t it?

If you’re comparing WebWorm Creative to a drag n’ drop site builder from a hosting service like GoDaddy, Wix, or Bluehost, or you’re comparing us to a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, there are a few things you should know.

Be cautious if paying less than $1,000 for a website. You will be sacrificing something – and you need to know what it is.

Be careful what you build with. Most site builders, especially simple drag n’ drop (WYSIWYG) builders targeted to DIYers, are proprietary. Migrating later to a different site builder or CMS isn’t always easy, possible, or free. That’s why we use WordPress and one of the industry’s leading page-building software: they are reliable AND flexible, no matter where your business takes you.

Free hosting is too good to be true. Hosting is like paying rent; you’re renting someone else’s server as a “home” for your website’s files. Free hosting generally comes with poor customer service, unreliable uptime, security vulnerabilities, and slow site performance. Your site needs to load within 2-3 seconds, or 40% of your visitors will leave! That’s why we use VPS servers on a cloud hosting platform for the fastest, safest hosting solution.

Poor customer service. Most cheap website designers only build the front-end UX of your website (what you see on the actual page). They do not offer site maintenance or teach you how to navigate your site. That’s why we offer an All-In-One maintenance plan. We take care of your website so you can focus on your business.

Cannot assist with SEO or content editing. While we love that the internet has been made globally democratized and accessible, an overseas designer may not be familiar with your industry, your target market, or the English language. At WebWorm Creative, we know your market. We don’t just build websites; we help you write your story.

A website is an investment. It keeps working even when you’re not. It’s often the first thing that separates you from your competitors. A good website builds immediate trust in your business and encourages a visitor to pick up their phone; a poor website comes across as a half-hearted attempt. Simply put, we don’t charge $500 to build a website because you deserve better.

Absolutely nothing!

You’re busy mastering your trade, running your business, scheduling service calls, and paying your taxes. We get it. You wear a lot of hats.

That’s why we keep our pricing simple: You pay us a flat fee to launch your website. And if you continue to partner with us, you pay us a single monthly fee to maintain everything your website needs. Kinda beautiful, isn’t it? Check out the Website Startup package for a full list of features.

Our Website Maintenance package works the same way. You pay a flat monthly fee; we take care of the rest, including your annual registration renewals and hosting contracts.

Are you looking for someone to manage your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or other social media profile? If so … we have rather strong opinions on this topic.

We believe, simply put, that it is not necessary for 95% of small businesses to run the social media rat race, and in fact, it is usually a waste of time.

A strong SEO-optimized website, coupled with Google and Bing Business listings, is the gift that keeps on giving! Posting daily to your social media venue just isn’t necessary for most service businesses. Your marketing efforts would be better spent forging B2B relationships.

We accept 50% down at the start of the project. Once the website is complete, we will accept the remaining 50%.

We accept cash, check, card, and PayPal. 

If for some reason your needs change before the first draft review is completed, we will refund 25%. However, if the first draft has been completed, we, unfortunately, cannot refund the down payment.

We aim for a 2-3 week turnaround time, but our schedule varies based on demand. Please email or call us for the latest timeline.

P.S. The more information you provide on the Questionnaire, the faster we can complete your website! We do not begin layout design until we’ve received your Questionnaire.

No! We work with clients from all over the country. In fact, since we specialize in mobile services, many of our clients live all over the country!

Absolutely. Your website will work equally well on desktop, tablet, and mobile (smartphone) devices.

Quite a bit!

  • First, we meet for a 45- to 60-minute consultation. You will choose your favorite comparable websites, choose your color branding, and submit your own logo.
  • Then you fill out a Questionnaire with all the information you would like posted on the website. This will take some time, but it’s the lion’s share of the work.
  • Once we receive your responses, we will build a first draft. Once the first draft of your website is complete, you will review it. This is your chance to request any revisions or tweaks to the design or content.
  • You will review the site once more before it goes live. We want you to be thrilled with the finished product!
  • Once the site goes live, if you have purchased our All-In-One monthly maintenance plan, you can submit requests for content or layout revisions at any time (up to 1 hr of revision time per month).

We provide you with a Questionnaire. You will fill out this Questionnaire in your own words (don’t worry about it getting it perfect!) Our copywriting team will edit or rephase your responses as necessary for the cleanest writing possible.

We welcome as many images as possible! At a minimum, we will need:

  • Logo and/or icon
  • Head-and-shoulders shot of you and any team members


We also encourage you to submit pictures of your service vehicle, your tools, happy customers, service calls, etc.

We can also “plump up” your website with professional stock photos, but your own pictures are always the best! People intuitively trust real photos more than stock photos.

No, we do not. You will need to provide us your business logo and icons in order for us to complete your website. You can work with a logo designer or make one yourself using a logo generator or software like Adobe Illustrator or Canva.

Not at this time.

No. We do not build enterprise-level business or social media websites with special server-side functionality such as membership sites, shopping carts, payment processing, and other server-side interactions. You need a dedicated full-stack website developer – maybe even a team! 

If you plan to drive traffic to your website through frequent blogging and search engine optimization (SEO), please contact us for a custom strategy consulting session. Quite frankly, this is not necessary for most service businesses. If you do wish to grow a blog to generate web traffic, we offer that as a separate service at $150 an article.